project: workshop with eva jiricna architect site: Ostrava /Czech Republic/ year: 2012 author: lukas cimprich co-authors: martin machu, veronika waldova


- This is a method of seizing the opportunity during the day of a short time to relax and to recharge your energy for up to the next 2 hours
- A power nap lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes

We will use the time a person spends waiting to charge up their batteries through power-napping. Power-napping pods (sleeping pods) are to be placed in the waiting rooms of large transport terminals. They can be used to rapidly restore energy levels and are an effective way of making use of moments spent waiting.

Pods are programmed in 2 modes:
1.  Power-nap mode – a 30-minute program to quickly recharge energy levels
2.  Sleeping mode – an 8-hour program enabling classical sleep

Famous proponents of power-naps
- Leonardo Da Vinci enjoyed 15-minutes naps, 6 times-a-day
- Nicola Tesla slept 1.5 - 2 hours daily
- Napoleon Bonaparte slept 5 hours-a-day
- Winston Churchill slept 5 hours-a-day
- Thomas Alva Edison slept 4 hours-a-day

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