competition project: residential house site: --- year: 2012 author: lukas cimprich co-author: jan vanek

Rationale behind the selected overall design of the building.
The proposed house meets the requirements of a  4-5 member family. It is a single-storey bungalow-type house. The house is designed so that the entry and garage are oriented to the north and the living rooms recive the largest amount of natural sunlight. The house is a square-shaped building, on top of which there is a partly flat and partly sloping roof. This creates a compact family home, which can be further modified internally. Inside the room layout is divided into two zones, which are separated by the communication facilities and a bathroom with a WC. It is separated from the intimacy of the social life in the house, in which is to be found a bedroom and a children's room. In the daytime zone are to be found a daily living room and kitchen with dining area. All this area is bounded off by a terrace, forming a divide between the intended garden and the interior. The house is clad in wood paneling, but depending on the needs of the particular location, this can be replaced by other materials such as tiles.

Rationale behind the selected architectural design of the building, considered within the context of the individual evaluation criteria used in the architectural competition.
The design emphased versatility and the possibility of reproducing the building.
The entire building is made of components supplied by Haas Fertigbau Chanovice, Ltd. and Hoco Bauelemente, Ltd and contains no additional or atypical design elements which might lead to an increase in the retail price for the home. The house will be equipped with appropriate technical equipment in order to ensure energy efficiency. The equipment (boiler, tank) will be placed in wardrobes, without the need for any special technical rooms in the house. This reduces the usable area of the house. The main entrance and the garage are oriented to the north. The main hall divides the house into two parts: a daytime area and a more intimate area. The daytime area, which is oriented to the southeast, contains a living room, a kitchen and a dining area. In the intimate area are to be found a bedroom and two children's rooms oriented to the southwest. The house has been designed to maximize space in the communication areas where there are located built-in wardrobes. The garage is designed for two cars and is linked to a storage-area and to a small workshop.

A small "island" with a tree has been placed just outside the main entrance to the house,  to act as a beacon welcoming visitors to the house. One atypical architectural feature is the green area on the terrace with a cross in the roof. It creates intimate corners of the house.

Rationale behind some specific features of the design (especially choice of construction materials, technical equipment, buildings, etc.)
The house is built on a reinforced concrete panel and, in part as well, on reinforced concrete bases. For the peripheral wall system a TP PREMIUM thick. 343 millimeters wall was selected. For the facing of the outer wall a picket horizontal larch cladding with a total thickness. 51 mm was used. Part of the house is plastered 4 mm. thick with the white plaster STO. The inner walls are 144 mm. thick. The partition wall between the garage and the children's room is 192 mm. thick. The living rooms are equipped with windows OP 605x2160 and OP 725x2160. The windows in the bathroom and garage are OP 605x2160 and OP 980x610 respectively, and are supplied by HOCO Bauelemente, Ltd.

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