project: new cultural and administrative center in Nejdek site: Nejdek /Czech Republic/ year: 2012 author: lukas cimprich

My degree dissertation project, entitled "The New Cultural and Administrative Center of Nejdek", deals with a proposal for a cultural /office building serving the needs of the citizens and town council of Nejdek. By creating an architecturally balanced complex, which causes only minimal interference with the adjacent building environment, I would like to enhance the surrounding area architecturally and improve cultural conditions for the town’s citizens. The area concerned is situated in the center of Nejdek. It is an attractive site and has great potential as a place where people might congregate. Yet its future is still unresolved, and remains a matter of debate among council leaders.

The New Cultural and Administrative Center of Nejdek
The New Cultural and Administrative Center was established to the question of what kind of center Nedjek should have? What should its objectives be? Should it aspire to be more like a square or more like a garden? After considering all the circumstances, historical and contemporary,  I came to the conclusion that since Nedjek already has a single square this tradition should be continued, and it would be more appropriate for the site of new center to be of a garden type. It should have an open feel, and not be closed off into itself. The space should be for leisure and recreation, and be accessible to anyone.

The new center was established in front of the church of St. Martin and emerged as a new public space in the city. Yet the site follows on with the traditions of earlier buildings and gardens there, reflecting the original use of space. Buildings and spatial use thus fully continue the patterns which have shaped urban Nejdku, avoiding any risk of creating some incongruous  "carbuncle" which might destroy the character of the place. It has created here a new building site for new buildings, containing concentrated within it all the municipal institutions: the town hall and the police office, a library with a small multi-screen cinema, as well as a gallery and a museum. In so doing, it has released space in the current square for several typical new homes for urban living. These apartments would have the rear side of their facades oriented to the south, and with their gardens leading down to the river Rolava. In the process, very attractive housing is created for the new citizens of Nejdku.

The principal building of the new center is the new town hall. It follows on a line of historical building and smoothly and harmoniously fits in with the surrounding houses. Its main entrance is oriented towards Charles IV Square and and in a simple manner underscores the logic of the formation of the houses in the square. The town hall contains a new type of public space garden with tiles alternating with strips of grass. Fruit trees (apple, cherry) have been planted here and furniture placed nearby. The paved area of the garden is divided from the pavement of the church by a line of stones. This establishes a psychological separation of secular from sacred space. The library building standing opposite the church closes off the entire area from the south.

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