project: conversion of the building in Brno /school of architecture with student's accomodation/ site: Brno /Czech Republic/ year: 2011 author: lukas cimprich

The project describes the conversion of an industrial building constructed in 1886 in Brno-Lužánky within an existing courtyard adjoining the street Staňkova. The building has undergone various phases of development. The assignment to convert the building was set as part of a school semester project for 2010. The objective of the work was to restore reasonable living conditions to an environment somewhat blighted by industrialism. The conditions envisaged the integration of three residential units in the building, which were to meet the same criteria (size, space, equipment), an architect‘s studio for 10 employees, a mini-school for 20 students, a dormitory for 20 students, exhibition spaces and 2 parking places for visitors to the site. The conceptual basis of the proposal was the idea of containment, or claustra (the enclosing of space) and the unification of all functions into a single object.
This approach was adopted following reflection that the site would serve a community of people who perform the same work together. This is the place they stay in at night and where they take their meals. The starting-point and inspiration for the creation of such a convent, combining the above mentioned functions, was the concept of a monastery, which brings together a wide complexity of functions, and evokes the impression of the closed community of people who use the building.  A dedicated social space can therefore emerge, located almost on the periphery on the city. It will be used for exhibitions, workshops and other events best suited  to the cultural strengths of this place. Order and sense were important factors and have played a major role in the design. The project emphasises the practical application of these principles. The building itself is characterized by its simplicity, lightness and pure form. In it are reflected the elements of composition principles.

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