project: apartment renovation in Ostrava site: Ostrava /Czech Republic/ year: 2011 realization: 2012 author: lukas cimprich

Study of the reconstruction of a flat
The building is located in 519/3 Jahodová Street in the village of Petřkovice near Ostrava. The house has a single storey, with the main entrance in the back
from the garden. The reason for the reconstruction is its unsatisfactory condition for housing a three-member family, especially the absence of a living room. The building currently contains a hall, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a room for a child. The total floor area is 64.47 square meters.
• One of the requirement was to construct a living room connected to the kitchen. Another requirement was to build a fireplace in the living room. The entire building has an excessively long corridor and the proposal therefore aims to reduce this to the minimum necessary communication zone. The developer of the property wishes for the entire area to be airy and visually connected. The use of a uniform colour scheme for the floor throughout the flat should help in this. A living space will be formed out of one of the existing rooms (a bedroom) and this will the heart of the whole arrangement. The living room should be visually connected to a fitted kitchen. The kitchen when complete will contain bar-like counter, constructed in the form of an "L" shape.
This should achieve a gentle, non-intrusive separation of the working part of the kitchen from the daily operating space in the apartment. The children's room has been moved into the area behind the entrance, where it will be smaller and cozier. One of the reasons for this is that the room will be sunlit, a matter of great importance when planning for the future of a child. A bedroom will be constructed out of the former nursery. The whole area will be tastefully organized using appropriate interconnecting materials, expressive brown flooring, elegant wallpaper, a  hearth and modern accessories in coffee, white and black colors, make for an elegant apartment home.

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